Term & Condition

Before registering, please, read this section carefully. Creation of an account means that you fully accept all the provisions set forth in the present section. You cannot create an account of the website https://invest.live and use the services of the platform Invest Limited if you don't agree with one or more provisions of this section.
The content of the present section is the user agreement and it determines how to use the website and the services as well as it establishes rights and obligations of its users and the Administration.

The platform's Invest Limited Administration means the international company INVEST LIMITED which is within the jurisdiction of the Great Britain and works in strong compliance with local and international laws.

When you register with the system, you confirm you are major and legally competent in compliance with the laws of your home country. Moreover, you guarantee that your participation in Invest Limited doesn't violate the law of your home or staying country.

One person can create only one account. An additional account can be created only by direct approval of the Support Desk Invest Limited. Creation of many accounts from the same device or IP address or using of the same account of the payment system on different user accounts will be treated as creation of many accounts of the same user. Any violation of the present paragraph will result in immediate blocking of all violating accounts. In this case, payback will be at the Administration's option.
Keep your login password secret. In no circumstances shouldn't you disclose your password to anyone, including the employees of Invest Limited. On no account does the Administration take responsibility for any consequences connected with the loss of your login details.

The entrance to the investor's account can be made only on the page https://invest.live/login. Before you enter your personal data, you should check carefully the website and page addresses. Never enter your data on any external websites.

To log in, you must enter the login and password used during the registration. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the access restoring function whose link is located under the login form.

Every Invest Limited platform user has the right to invest money and gain profit according to the established procedure. All calculations between the user and Invest Limited are made in the paymant systems Epaycore, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, TRC20, BNB, BEP20, Ethereum and ERC20 crypto-currency through a special form in the investor's account.
The investment of one participant cannot be less than 10$ and cannot exceed 30000$.
The profit will be accrued to the investor's account balance 24 times a day at an interval of one hour.

The profit will be accrued automatically on your account in the payment system when your account balance reaches an established amount. By default, this amount is 0.1$ for ePayCore and $20 for Crypto. If you want, you can change this amount in your user account's settings.
Partnership payment will be made commission-free with no regard for the sum.

Every registered user has the right to participate in the partnership program by inviting people through his referral link. A person who has registered through your referral link turns into your referral and you become his referrer. As from the registration, you cannot change your referrer.
Referral award will be accrued automatically on the account in the payment system from which the referral have made a deposit.

The Administration has the right to introduce changes into the https://invest.live website and the user account, including its view, services and content (including the content of the present document ), edit or delete the existing sections, add new sections if it considers these changes to be needed/useful for the platform's development.

If one and/or several provisions of the present rules are recognized to be invalid and/or having no legal force, this shall not influence the validity and legal force of the remaining provisions.

The Administration and users INVEST LIMITED shall do their best for amicable settlement of any disputes. In addition, the parties shall not disclose negotiations' details and reasons for disputes occurred. If the user violates one of these rules, it will result in immediate blocking of his account with no hope of the return of the invested money. If the disputes cannot be settled by negotiations, the Administration and user can resort to any other legal way of settlement. This agreement becomes valid for the user upon his registration on the website and will remain in force within undetermined period of time.

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