Privacy policy

The platform's Administration realizes the importance of the protection of confidential data of every investor and partner. Creating an account Invest Limited, you can be sure that all your data will be used in compliance with the present document.

During registration and further participation, you should enter the following personal data: your e-mail, login, password, payment systems' details.

Your e-mail address won't be published or submitted to any third parties. The Administration reserves the right to use your e-mail address to make you know about important news or other key information.

Your login will be available to the public.

Your password will be stored in encrypted form. The Administration and other persons have no possibility to disclose these data.

Under no circumstances will your payment systems' details be published or submitted to any third parties. For safety purposes, the Administration doesn't recommend to the participants publishing their full account details in public sources.

If a participant want to stop cooperation, he can request the Administration to delete his profile and all personal data. The Administration must do it within 10 days since such a request being submitted.

All participants' personal data are stored on the platform's servers and are not transmitted for storage to any third parties. The participants' personal data is gathered, stores and deleted in compliance with the existing rules and the law.

If you have any questions concerning gathering, storage and deleting of your personal data on the website, you can clarify them by using our contact form.